Media (Videos & Img)


Here are Media shortcodes for videos and image galleries.

Vimeo Video

[vimeo link="" width="560" height="332"]
[code][vimeo link="" width="560" height="332"][/code]

YouTube Video

[youtube link="" width="560" height="315"]
[code][youtube link="" width="560" height="315"][/code]

Slideshow with Images

[slideshow width="578" height="326"]
[slideshow width="578" height="326"]


[minigallery id=”200″ prettyphoto=”false” title=”IMAGE GALLERY #44″]
[code][minigallery id=”200″ prettyphoto=”false” title=”IMAGE GALLERY #44″][/code]

MiniGallery in Box with Title and PrettyPhoto

[minigallery id=”200″ prettyphoto=”true” title=”IMAGE GALLERY”]
[code][minigallery id=”200″ prettyphoto=”true” title=”IMAGE GALLERY”][/code]

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