Report – Vesta Oil – Rock Ferry June ’10

The history for this site has been covered in Kevsy21’s report, well as much as we can gather. On to the report…

I arrived after exploring the Bromborough power plant control room, and realised again that it wasn’t my day for access. There was a bloke in a car enjoying the view, and a woman and her son walking their dog. The bloke in the car, left after about about five minutes, after waiting for fifteen minutes for the woman to bugger off, she finally did, but not before her dog refused to leave unless I played with it! :rolleyes: Then those two where replaced with Wirral Community Patrol in his Astra van; these guys are pain in the arse, jumped up rent-a-cops. He just had a look around the area, eyeing me suspiciously, then buggered off. Access, at last! Nah! FFS! Another dog walker. Once she got out of sight I made my attempt; finally, I got in!
After the frustration with getting access, I decided to start at the point furthest away from getting spotted. I decided to check out the chimney.
Since Kevsy21 and Georgie’s visits, someone has scaled the chimney and tied a flag to it!
As OT said in Kevsy21’s report, this place is an environmental cesspit, so I decided to check out the damage
This is something else I found, my apologies to the squeamish
Anyway, on with the pics!
Some of the walkways where a bit precarious!
Nature is starting to take the place back over…
I managed to access the pier, but got spotted by another dog walker
Doing the pier is on the cards next time.
Thanks for looking!

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