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Paradox Discotheque/Vernons Pools Tower, May 2011

Opened in either 1990 or 1991 and closed in May 2001, this controversial purpose built “mega-club” was flattened some time after 2007. What is left on the site are the remains of the Vernons Pools building. This 6-story (including the roof) listed art deco tower was built in the 1920s. I can’t find much history on Vernon’s though.

Vernon’s 1958and The Paradox 2001

The club was popular with punters, but not so much with critics:

A huge purpose built mega–club on the outskirts of town. Not cool or alternative, devoid of character and atmosphere. It’s that cheesy corporate clubbing experience that every city seems to have these days and once inside, you could be in any one of them. You arrive, you get rid of your coat, you queue at the bar, you dance to some charty/disco tunes, you drink more to dull the pain, you get in a cab to go home. There’s too much going on in the city centre to bother with the cab fare.

The local free paper has recently – i.e. today, the 5th of May 2011 – published an article calling the site “an eyesore”, and saying “the 2.39 acres freehold cuts a depressing figure on the skyline since the site has been for sale with offers invited in the region of £2.5m.”

Anyway, on with the pics




Still a few remnants of the old club around



Saturday night here was broadcast live on local radio. I used to listen to it before my musical tastes changed


The cash office is still there


Along with two safes


Obligatory lonely chair shot


Obligatory staircase shot


Still bits of paperwork left here and there



The top floor was my favourite, with the four Vernon’s clockfaces

How it used to look…

…and now




The electronic clock mechanism



And on to the roof!


[18] [19]

Looking over to Switch Cars – report to follow


Looking down the A59 toward Aintree race course


Main stand at Aintree race course


Panorama of the clock room. Click for full sized goodness!


That’s it, thanks for looking!

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